How Goalsetter It Works


Set Goals


  • Set a goal, any goal

    Concert, computer, college savings or a worthy cause—a goal can be anything you want. We offer ideas to make it easy or you can add your own. Choose as many goals as you like!

  • Create an account and build your profile

    By creating your own FDIC-insured Goalsetter account, family and friends can easily give gifts in support of your goals. You can add a photo, post updates and track your balance on your profile page.

  • Get the word out

    Share your personalized Goalsetter link with family and friends so they can support your goal during birthdays, holidays or any day.

  • Take advantage of auto-save

    Parents and grandparents can choose to give a weekly or monthly amount to a kid’s goals. Whether it’s one goal (like a college fund) or many (summer camps aren’t cheap), auto-save makes saving easy for the whole family.

  • Receive a GoalCard®

    Instead of gift cards, kids can receive GoalCards—digital gift cards that let you save real money toward real dreams. Friends and family can personalize the card with video and photos too!

  • Goal Wild!

    Once you’ve reached a goal, you can transfer the money from your Goalsetter account directly to your (or your parent’s) bank account by simply clicking "cash out". Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.



Give a Gift


  • Choose a lucky person

    You don't need a Goalsetter account to give a gift to someone special - and they don't need one either.  All you need is their email address and a reason!

  • Set the amount

    Whether it's $5 or $50, money toward a goal goes a long way. In fact, those who write down their goal and spread the word are up to three times more likely to achieve their goal than those who don’t.

  • Send a GoalCard®, with love

    Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, or an everyday celebration, digital GoalCards let friends and family members apply real money to real goals. Personalize yours with a video or a picture and let them know what you’re giving to.

Security while you save.

Goalsetter accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through our banking partners and your personal data is protected with bank-level encryption. Give and save with confidence.